Simplified Marketing Solutions Is Partnering With The Breast Cancer Society

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Did you know that one in every eight women in Canada is expected to develop breast cancer in their lifetime? Additionally, approximately 25% of new cancer cases recorded among women are breast cancer cases. The reason why breast cancer is so prominent is still unknown. All that researchers and medical experts know is that age and a family history of breast, ovarian, melanoma, or pancreatic cancer, increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.

At Simplified Marketing Solutions, we feel very strongly about this disease as it has impacted our lives and the lives of our loved ones in some way or the other. To bring this issue the attention that it deserves, we will be working with the breast cancer society in the coming months. Through this association, we aim to generate more donations and create a broader awareness of breast cancer.

As breast cancer awareness month begins this October, we want to do more than tell people about the effects of breast cancer. We want to help save lives and generate money for cancer research. By doing this, we aim to help anyone with breast cancer or anyone with cancer in general. That includes our friends and family or cancer patients and cancer survivors.

A little bit goes a long way, in our opinion, and we want to do our best to preserve the health of those around us. By creating awareness and encouraging people to donate to research, we can inch closer to better insights on this disease, and possibly even cure it!

We will be hosting events at locations across Saskatchewan, Albert, and BC soon, and we hope to see you participate in some form or the other. The fight against breast cancer is not a battle we can win alone. As a result, we need you to join us in our efforts.

For more details about our partnership with the Breast Cancer Society, reach out to us at Simplified Marketing Solutions by giving us a call at (403) 454-3996. We are a leading marketing firm in Calgary, Alberta, and we represent various clients in Canada. With our innovative sales and marketing techniques, we have met every client’s unique business needs. Through these same techniques, we look forward to creating more awareness about breast cancer and fueling the much-needed research to minimize the impacts of this disease.

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